Hi Roleystoners.

Did you miss an important event in Roleystone?

Why not set RoleystoneNet as your homepage and you'll then find it easier to kept in touch. We got the weather, we got the ABC news and we have all the latest Roleystone events and news.

What's a homepage? Its the page that loads automatically when you run your internet browser.

You can have mulitple home pages for Internet Explorer(IE) and Firefox - so you can keep your existing homepage and add RoleystoneNet as an second home page if you like.

This is how to set your homepage...


For Explorer Users...

Step1: Jump onto roleystone.net.au with IE as you would normally do.

Step2: Look for the House (or Home) icon in the IE button bar  EIHome1

Step3: Click on the tiny down arrow next to the home icon for a drop down menu. Select "Add or Change Home Page...".


Step4:You can make a choice. Make RoleystoneNet your ownly home page, or add it as a second home page...



For Firefox Users....

Step1: Jump onto Roleystone.net.au as you would normally do.

Step2: From the menu, select Tools/Options


Step3: Click on "Use Current Pages". If you have two home pages open when you do this, then both pages will be saved as home pages.


TIP: For firefox, multiple home pages are separated by the character "|". So if, say, you would like RoleyNet and Yahoomail set as home pages, the home page url shown above would be "http://www.roleystone.net.au | http://au.mail.yahoo.com/"