This article is for the Roleystoners who have the permissions to write blogs like Movie reviews, Councillor Blogs or News. It is not applicable to forums.

Making new Blogs

Step 1- Login to RoleystoneNetwith your username and password.

Step 2- Click on Submit Blog

Step 3- Type in a title

Step 4- Select a Section and Category (this will determine which RoleyNet web page your blog will be seen).

Step 5- Start typing in your blog in the big white box.

Step 6 - When you are done, hit the Save button.

TIP: If you take too long (ie: over 30min) your session will time out. So save your work and edit it again if you need to.

TIP: The Description and Keywords text boxes are for search engines. You don't have to fill these out, but they can help people find your blog via sites like Google, etc.

Editing Blogs

You can edit your blogs anytime. To edit your blog, first make sure you are logged in. Then click on the pencil symbol edit.png