Forum Image uploading

There are some minor restrictions on forum images in an effort to conserve our hosted space and so that the images won't exceed the size of the forum page...

  • Images need to be under 800px wide or 1000px high (which is like a full page).

  • Images need to be under 200kB.

Jpeg images at 85% quality should do that easy.

Visit this link for an easy resizer tool, or use a graphics program like Photo shop, Paint, etc.

Forum Post Multiple Image

To post more than one image in your forum post, you'll need to add them one at a time.

Submit your forum post with one image, then edit the same post to include an extra image.

Forum File Uploads

These files can be uploaded to the forum:

  • zip
  • txt
  • doc
  • gz
  • tgz
  • pdf
  • xls
  • docx

The file size limit is 250 Mb.