Armadale has four standing permanent committees directly reporting to it.
Each committee is given responsibility over certain aspects of the Cities operations.

Technical Services: Development Services: Community Services: City Strategy:

Each committee comprises 7 Councillors representing each ward and each meet once a month at 7pm in Council committee room.

To ensure that all issues are thoroughly examined, each issue is discussed by one of the 4 committees before being considered by a full Council meeting (which take place twice monthly).


All meetings unless otherwise advised are open to the public.

The public may ask questions at the beginning of each meeting although question time is not to be used as a forum for public statements or to make submissions to Council. If a resident has a detailed question they may submit it a day or so before the meeting so that if possible an answer may be prepared.


View City of Armadale’s website for meeting dates and public question time procedures.

Either I or Councillor Wielinga can assist with any questions you may have with this process. Apart from attending these meetings to ask questions there is also the opportunity for you to hear Councillor positions on the various agenda items and points of discussion.  Committee meetings are where the majority of discussion and debates take place and where officers if requested, can make comment to specific items on the agenda. The average committee meetings last about an hour or so but can go longer depending on the agenda , while full Council meetings on average last about 20 minutes.   

The agendas for committee and Council meetings are placed on Council’s web site the Friday prior to the meetings.


Cr.Pat Hart