Araluen Botanic Park hold craft days (not in the summer holidays)

We have three dams in our area. Canning, Churchman Brook Dam and Wungong dam.

Picnic at Roley Pool Reserve.

Organise a informal football, baseball, soccer etc game at Cross Park.

Skate boarding in the skate board park at Cross Park.

Basketball court available at the back of the tennis courts.

Hire the tennis courts.

Mulberry Tree organizes activities at the family centre. see their programme.

Topaze Designs have art classes for children.


This website has many school holiday ideas. Click here

Kidspot has more ideas. Click here.

The Department of Environment and Conservation's Nearer to Nature team provides the community with unique, enjoyable activities that help participants discover marvellous natural areas in and around Perth. Click here for current program.

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The Museum

The Zoo