What is this about?

In 2012 the Primary School will be moving from the Robin Road site to Raeburn Rd, and the existing Robin Rd site will be redeveloped. Over the last 55 years its facilities have been used by the community.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the public's preference for the site. It is open to everyone, although residents from the Armadale Shire will likely have greater influence.

Knowing the public's preference, we hope that the political governing bodies that currently own the site will develop it accordingly.

NOTE: Earlier this year Roleynet had a simple anonymous Poll. This showed us that there was public support for the site.

So please vote again in this Survey and provide your name and address.

This is the same Survey published in the Courier and Valley Reporter.

Background Information:

Being close to the Roleystone Town Centre, the Robin Road Green has been used in the past for small community events. Surrounded by old Jarrah trees and bushland, it has a natural amphitheatre feel to it. Some believe this "Green" is needed to continue to nurture these small community events. The estimate cost for maintaining the "Green" is $5,000 per year. The "Green" also includes 200 year old Jarrah trees, 72 different species of native plants and historic tree stumps. For more information, visit the Save Robin Rd Green page.

Retirement accommodation is also required for our ageing Roleystone population. Hillandale is currently full with 24 private accommodation units and 12 Homes West units. Senior Roleystone residents needing smaller homes are finding that they have to leave our community.

There is enough land on this site to have both the Green and at least 40 retirement homes.

Some people believe the site will be better suited for a full residential development.

What will be done with the Survey:

The data collected will be submitted to both the City of Armadale and the State Government in full. Personal details will otherwise remain strictly confidential. Basic results, without personal details, may be published in the local media.


This survey has been developed by the Friends of Robin Rd Green with the help from our Local Councillor and State Minister. We hope you take the time to fill out and submit the survey regardless of your opinion on the this site. Your opinion is important and will be submitted with all the data collected.