Hi, just back from patrolling (11pm). Unoffical report here - see the FESA site for an offical one.

The Blue markers on the firewatch page is roughly whats happening. They show the hots spots. Don't forget there is a delay due to satelite passing. And there could be fires between the markers.

Regarding Roleystone - most of us seem to be in the clear at this point in time, being upwind of the fire. But some South-Western Roleystoners have been scorched.  A small fire front is working its way against the wind west or Urch road - traveling very slowly up Stoney Brook.

From my untrained eye - the fire seems to be mostly under control, but there may be a few houses still under threat.

The Fire zone appears to be Turner road, Canning Mills, West of Urch, Contour Road - crossed over Brookton Hwy (near Sellegrio Park), East of Collie and Sons and the foothills of Kelmscott (east of Albany Hwy). We just drove around this area. This roughly matches what we are seeing on the firewatch map.

We drove around with a fire rig on a trailer looking for people who needed help 9pm to 11pm - but we didn't need to use it.

Residents on Contour road (near the end of the Open Contour Channel) fought the fire with garden hoses unassisted ealier today. Some FESA volenteers turned up afterwards at 9pm (lads from Margaret River) to cover the night.

Residents living on the West side of Urch road will have a restless night. A fire front is moving torward them, but very slowly against the wind. Fire crews are having it tough getting access into that steep blushland.

To dispell some rumours I'm hearing - Reburn Road is fine and Roley's on the Ridge is fine. Peet road is fine so far - unless something drastic changes.

For a map of hot spots see the  Firewatch Page